Project #01 — Forget Me Not

The Cult of Nine debut collection, ‘Forget Me Not’ is a reflection of the designers’ youth and influence from the grunge, metal and punk subculture. The collection is a look back to their fearless teenage years and a translation of their visions and beliefs then. The gender-neutral limited pieces are individually hand made, reconstructed and hand finished, retaining that DIY punk sensibility.

‘Forget Me Not’ is an anthem of the youth, representing the experimental, rebellious and nonconforming attitude they possess.

This is for the youth of today.


 photo Forgetmenot-980.jpg  photo DSC_0157a-980.jpg
 photo DSC_0355-980.jpg photo DSC_0126a-980.jpg  photo DSC_0789a-980.jpg photo DSC_0241-980.jpg photo DSC_0575a-980.jpg photo DSC_0385-980.jpg  photo Forgetmenot2-980.jpg